Right now the band is preparing for the summer and just enjoying life. Thanks everyone for the support and we hope to see you at a show.


Philadelphia entered in the latter part of December 2004. During our time on purevolume our stats brought us into the top 10 unsigned bands during the months of April and May 2005.

We obtained top 10 status in the pop punk, punk and rock catatories and in the top ten of all unsigned bands on purevolume. We appreciate all the plays and downloads. We want to say thanks to all who have supported us on this journey. We will be playing new material at the local shows and hope to bring it to you on cd in early spring.



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"Tell Me When"

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"Never Knew"

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In an industry older than most of the rockers it serves, everyone is looking for the next great thing. Enter Philadelphia. A breath of fresh air in this atmosphere we call punk rock. Whether it’s the sheer truth in Joshua’s voice, the ferocity of Seth’s hands and feet, or the unflinching rhythm of David’s bass, one thing is sure; this trio from Oklahoma City, Ok is going nowhere but up. With their high-energy live show and undeniable message, Philadelphia is sure to deliver.

Josh's gear - 1971 White Gibson SG, 1970 White Ibanez Roadstar 2, Aglie Sunburst "Les Paul" copy, Ibanez Acoustic/Electric and an old Ventura Acoustic. Mesa Dual Recifier Amplifier, Mesa 4X12 cabinet, Boss TU-2 Tuner, Tuki Covers, Elixer Acoustic String and Ernie Ball Electric Slinky Strings, Monster cables. Laney 4X12 cabinet for guitar drum monitor.

Seth's gear - 1992 Tama custom rockstar, brushed chrome , 20in bass drum, 12in tom, 16in floor tom, 14in porkpie snare clear, 14in paiste hi-hats, 20in sabian B8 pro, 19in A custom zildjian, 18in K custom fast crash zildjian, tama road pro hardware, tama Iron cobra single pedal, A5 nylon tip japan oak promark sticks, porkpie throne (best in the world!), Evans heads. Audix-Pro Drum Mics.

David's gear - 91 Fender percision "lyte" bass guitar, Ampeg SVT-Pro 5 Amp, Ampeg Classic 8x10 cabinet, Korg Tuner DTR-1000, Monster Cables, Tuki Covers, Roadready Cases, Dunlop 1.14mm picks, GHS Fatties. Peavey TNT Black Widow 15" for Bass guitar drum monitor.


David Carey
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